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Welcome To Pure Water Technology
Pure Water Technology specializes in engineering, manufacturing and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants for commercial, industrial and municipal with backed up in-house engineering to provide solutions to your entire temporary, emergency and long term total water and wastewater management resource recovery needs.

Our services and activities are the result of the latest state-of-the-art technology and the selection of the most appropriate economic alternatives in the water and wastewater industry such as reverse osmosis plant, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant, pumping and lifting stations, water tanks and piping networks and water filtration and softening system, our quality management and organization system has been certified by IIC according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management system. Equipment is manufactured under conformity with related EU mechanical and electrical directives and CE mark.

We also have our own laboratory for water and wastewater testing and analysis and we offer back-up support and troubleshooting services for our clients.

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News & Events
Jan / 2010 Reverse Osmosis Plant

Pure Water Technology completed a turn key project for reverse osmosis plant with a capacity of 1000 m3 at Tanzania.


Pure Water Technology developed a new Control Panel for our plants to be touch screen with Scada System, remotely controlled and monitored.

Feb/2010 Reverse Osmosis Plant
Feb/2010 Reverse Osmosis Plant

Pure Water Technology has been awarded by Wetco General Contracting a contract for the Engineering Construction of Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant with a capacity of 500 m3 at Labor Camp in Liwa. 

March / 2010 Reverse Osmosis Plant

Pure Water Technology has been awarded by General Head Quarters a contract for the complete refurbishment of 4,000 m3 of Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant mounted on barge. 

March / 2010 Wastewater Treatment Plant
April/2010 Wastewater Treatment Plant
June 2010/ Tawal Murrah Camp, Dubai

Pure Water Technology has been awarded by General Head Quarters a contract for the Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant in Tawal Murrah Camp, Dubai. The Sewage Treatment plant has a capacity of 600 m3/day as two streams including all civil and electro-mechanical works with scada system. It also includes construction of GRP sewer network, 5 nos. lifting stations, tanker filling statiions, pump and operator room.

July / 2010 STP Operation & Maintenance
Sep/2010 Odour Control System

Pure Water Technology has been awarded by Abu Dhabi Sewarage Services Company (ADSSC) a contract for Odour Control System at Abu Dhabi Island by Chemical Dosing.  

Oct/ 2010 New Borewell Design
Nov / 2010 Pumping Station

Pure Water Technology completed the turn key project awarded by GHQ for pumping and filling station at Sweehan.

Dec / 2010

Pure Water Technology completed the EPC contract for reverse osmosis plant with a capacity of 2000 m3 at Al Saad Abu Dhabi.

Dec / 2010 Reverse Osmosis

Pure Water Technology completed the supply and installation of Reverse Osmosis Plant at Buteena Island Abu Dhabi for Drinking purpose.

Pure Water Technology Services

We offer training to our clients or to their operators during guarantee period and offer troubleshooting services as well as preventive maintenance advice measures for the plant. Facilities that have been installed under guarantee are operated and maintained by our highly skilled technicians.

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